What Children Can Learn from Nature-Based Activities

With so much choice out there for children, in regards to their extracurricular activities, it can be tough at times to choose an activity that can actually benefit them, as well as keep them entertained.

There’s nothing better than spending some quality time with nature!

Happy siblings on a camping trip

Social Skills

Outdoor activities, such as camping, can help advance a child’s social skills since they are interacting directly with each other. They can learn how to solve problems together by working in teams which can also help enhance their creativity.

Improves The Way They Learn

Kids can learn so much by being exposed to nature.

Pupils and teacher looking at globe in library

The Natural Connections Demonstration project published new evidence stating that, who participated in the project, came to the conclusion that outdoor activities helped their students become more engaged with their learning.

Improved Environmental Awareness

Being exposed to nature can significantly improve a child’s understanding of the environment. They can learn, with a hands-on, practical approach, how natural processes like photosynthesis work. It can also progress their understanding of environmental issues, such as recycling and global warming.

Better Disciplined & Less Stressed

According to Taylor (2001), kids from the inner cities who have access to green settings are able to become more self-disciplined compare do kids who don’t’ access. Furthermore, access to green plants and landscapes can actually reduce stress levels among more highly stressed children.

Improved Eyesight

According to American Academy of Ophthalmology (2011) , spending time outdoors can reduce the rate of myopia, which is a form near-sightedness.

Reduce the Likelihood of Attention Deficit Disorder

studies suggest that kids who are in contact with natural surroundings are less likely to show signs of attention deficit disorder. The studies also suggest that outdoor activities can reduce the symptoms in kids as young as five.

There are many benefits from children participating in outdoor activities; it can greatly improve their standard of health, their social skills can even improve their teamwork.  If you would like to organise a school trip in the great-outdoors for your children, just get in touch with our team at Fussell Travel Service, and allow us to work with you to organise a fun and educational outdoor adventure!

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