Spotlight On: York

A school trip is one of the most exciting periods on any school calendar, but it is also a great opportunity to feed inquisitive minds with lots of new information. For those historically minded, one of the best places to do this for your students is in the incredibly historic city of York. With a history dating back to the Roman period and records of people having lived in the area from as early as 8000 BC, it is certainly a city rich in stories of the past.

So, what should be on your class itinerary for a school trip to York with many curious minds?


York Castle

Everyone loves a good castle and York is home to just that. It comprises of the ruined Norman keep (commonly named Clifford’s Tower), as well as a number of buildings which were built over the centuries to act as prisons and government buildings. Today, they stand alongside the Norman tower as the York Castle Museum and acting Crown Court. With a tumultuous history, the current state of York Castle is to be expected having been destroyed by Vikings and then again during the English Civil War in the 17th century. An explosion in the same century led to the now ruinous tower that is one of the main tourist attractions of York. This is the perfect place to visit for a history class exploring the evolution of castles throughout English history.

Clifford's Tower in York

National Railway Museum

The story of the railway and its impact upon British society and economy is found in full detail in the National Railway Museum, located in York. It is part of the British Science Museum Group of National Museums. The museum has accumulated many awards over its tenure, most impressively the European Museum of the Year Award. Here you can find historically significant train cars, artefacts and written documents depicting the impact of the train industry over its life.

York Minster

Viewable from Clifford’s Tower, York Minster is officially the Cathedral and Metropolitical Church of Saint Peter in York. It is one of the largest examples of such a Gothic designed church in Northern Europe. The name Minster is now honorific, as in the Anglo-Saxon period this was attributed to teaching churches rather than places that were simply a place of worship. Though this is no longer the case, York Minster has become the established name for this church and its preservation has made it one of the most attractive churches in England.

York Minster, York, England, UK

The Shambles

This is a street in York which is home to many timber-framed buildings, through the Medieval period to Victorian this was the location of York’s meat market, however, no butchers remain there today. It is one of the most famous streets in the UK as it one of the best-preserved examples of a Medieval street in the world. It is picturesque and the perfect place to take a souvenir photograph!


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