Health and Safety Considerations During School Trips

It’s important that children have fun and learn while on a school trip; it is even more important that they remain safe at all times when doing so! Here at Fussell’s Travel Services, we can help you book the trip of a lifetime and help you ensure the right health and safety procedures.

This will give you peace of mind and reassurance, so you can just sit back and enjoy the trip as well. We’ve already discussed the health and safety considerations to keep in mind before a school trip, so which ones should you consider during that trip?

School Trip

Always More Than One Adult Present

It’s important that more than one teacher or chaperone goes on a school trip, so that the students can be looked after at all times. Whether it’s for bathroom breaks or in the case of emergencies, having more than one person there means that the issue can be taken care of without leaving the other children unsupervised.

Counting the children whenever it’s time to leave and enter the bus is also a good policy. This allows you to always know you have everyone accounted for!

Warn When Necessary

If an activity or location present even a slight risk to children’s health and wellbeing, then the students need to be warned whenever necessary, no matter whether that risk is close to non-existent! For example, if you’re taking your students to visit a castle and they are going to climb to a certain height, even if there are railings in place they should be warned of the dangers involved and how they should behave.

Everyone Sitting Down

It’s completely natural for your students to feel excited when they’re out and about on a school trip. However, it’s is crucial that they remain in their seats while on the coach, especially if it’s moving! Leaving their seat, running up and down the while, or even just standing up can be a health and safety risk.

School Trip on Coach

Be on Guard

Whether you are spending a few days somewhere or you are only taking the students out for a day trip, it is vital that you remain on guard at all times. Planning for the unexpected is difficult, if not downright impossible, so ensure that you are prepared to deal with any circumstance that may occur. This doesn’t mean you can’t have fun, of course, but it does mean you’ll have to be attentive during the whole trip.

We can help you with this. If you need safe accommodations or coach travel services, for instance, we can provide bookings with health and safety in mind. And if your kids are safe and healthy, they will enjoy themselves on their school trip – and so will you!

Having the peace of mind that comes from knowing your trip has been planned to perfection is invaluable, so contact us today and we’ll help you to plan a safe and fun trip for everyone!

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