Fun and Educational Activities for Kids

It can be tricky sometimes to think of activities for children that are both fun and educational. It is vital that children enjoy their learning process, as this helps them to remember and understand, and also encourages them to focus and interact more. Here are a few suggestions for some entertaining and fulfilling activities, for the next time you’re at a loose end.

Kids engaging in school activities with teacher

Visit a museum

A trip to a museum or gallery is always going to be educational and informative, but most also have activities and special events that will amuse even the most uninterested child. There are many museums covering a whole range of subjects to fit in with whatever they are currently studying and learning. The Natural History Museum has always been a favourite for children and adults, with their impressive nature and wildlife displays. The National Space Centre is perfect for those interested in space travel and astronomy.


Build a vegetable plot

Gardening and working with the land are things that all children should be educated on. Not only does it make them more aware of the natural world and the growing process, but they will also have a better understanding of where their food comes from and what it is made of. A small raised vegetable plot or allotment is all that is needed; just create a space of ground where seeds can be sown and tended for, and involve the children in the decisions and maintenance required.

A small vegetable pot

Transform the classroom

Whether at school or home, children are always usually more willing to learn when participating in engaging and interactive activities. Take whatever they are studying or interested in, and create your own display. If they are learning about the rainforest, for example, you could turn a room into a jungle using paper leaves and streamer vines. Discuss the man-made impacts on the environment, and the creatures that live there.


Visit a working farm

Shockingly, many children are completely unaware of where the food on their table comes from and what ingredients they are eating. A trip to a working farm can teach them about their food and make them more aware of the food industry. They’ll be able to see animals and wildlife that some children have never met before, and speak to real working farmers.


At Fussell’s Travel Service we think that fun and engaging activities are vital in a child’s learning, and we take pride in all the UK school trips that we help to plan. Contact us today to discuss your next field trip or family activity day!

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