Fun Activities to Do with Your Students After a School Trip

Coming back to school after a school trip can be something of a rowdy affair, as your students may struggle to get back into the school spirit after enjoying a great day out. It can sometimes be a challenge to get them back into “school mode”.

But why not use this energy and enthusiasm for the adventure they’ve just been on, and harness it in a range of other educational and fun activities? 

Preschool child create shapes and designs for children

Watch A Movie

Watching a movie that helps your class understand their school trip and put it into some form of context – be that historical, environmental, or other. It can really help to reinforce their experience. For example, if you visited an aquarium, why not help your class unwind with Finding Nemo?

While the story presents an accessibility to children – and adults, of course! – it also helps to highlight the environmental issues that surround aquariums. It assists in putting such an issue into perspective, without driving it home, delivering a context that is easier to digest for children.

Write a Story

Just as a film can help a child digest the message of your trip, as can writing a story. For example, if you were to visit a local abbey, it could be beneficial for the children to write a diary entry from a local monk of the time. This would help them to consider what they learned regarding the daily activities of the monks, their diets, and even consider what they did for entertainment. This kind of practical exercise can not only help to reinforce what they learned, but show you, as a teacher, the value of such a trip.

Read A Related Story

Just as a film can help your students relive their school trip experience, as can reading a related story – fact or fiction – from the topic area. If your school trip was to a local cathedral, then perhaps reading a story about a significant or famous parish member could add more to their understanding of the history of the building.

Furthermore, it can enhance their overall school trip experience, as they will learn new and interesting facts about the place they only recently visited.  Equally, it’s certainly a fun and lively way for you to expand their knowledge, providing your students with different modes of learning the same subject.

Use the Trip to Kickstart the Next School Project

This is a great time to bring some solid ideas to the table for your next school project. If you visited Lake District? Do a project about lakes – in keeping with their curriculum of course. Why not use the school trip as a platform to get the next school project in motion? If your school trip was to the Houses of Parliament, then you could consider the Gunpowder plot. Using your school trip as a springboard is a wonderful and organic way to kickstart your next school project.

Schoolchildren and their teacher in a primary class

Write a Trip Diary

Your students will surely have been involved in many memorable events whilst they were away on their school trip. So, why not let them recall their many adventures on paper? They can get excited and mindful whilst creating their diary full of memories about their fantastic school trip.

It will also give them the opportunity to have many enjoyable conversations with you and their classmates on the fun times that they’ve had, engaging their imagination and showing you just what they learned.

Once the buzz of the school trip has settled, there are numerous activities that you should consider arranging to get the most out of you and your students’ visit.  The visit needn’t start and end when you board or disembark from our bus; so get planning!

If, of course, you need assistance in planning your next school trip, or require any further information from our team, just get in touch! We would love to assist you in planning your next grand adventure for you and your students.


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