City vs Countryside: Where Should You Take Your School Kids?

The benefits of a school trip in the city or the countryside are vastly different. Whether you’re after galleries and museums or some natural inspiration for your school kids, we’ve taken a closer look at both options.

Engage with nature

One thing the countryside has over cities is the opportunity for school kids to get out of the classroom and engage with nature first hand. In 2010, a survey of over 2,000 schoolchildren conducted by TV Channel Eden found that more tend to play indoors than out and that they are more likely to be able to identify a Dalek than they are an owl. With everyone from educationalists to sociologists starting to suggest that a lack of play in the natural world could mean a negative impact on a child’s development as an individual, it’s perhaps more important than ever that increasing numbers of school kids spend time among nature.

Galleries and museums

Cultivating a sense of wonder and fascination is massively important and there’s no shortage of research when it comes to indicating the benefits of museum and gallery visits for children. From provoking imagination to offering children a unique environment in which to engage with their classmates, museums and galleries offer schoolkids something that’s difficult to find in a classroom: the ability to take ownership of their own learning.

Green exercise

With more and more children spending time in front of their games consoles, rather than playing outside, the benefits of walking through the countryside are obvious. In fact, the University of Essex has found that as little as five minutes of ‘green exercise’ can not only increase children’s mental wellbeing, but their self-esteem, too. So with everything from abseiling to kayaking and beyond available on our Lake District Adventures, there’s plenty of ‘green exercise’ to take advantage of.

Connect with history

Whether it’s the Tower of London or York Minster, cities offer school kids the chance to get close to some of the UK’s most impressive historical sites. Recent curriculum changes have placed a much greater emphasis on the history of Britain, along with the country’s place in global history. Our cities provide a unique and fascinating insight into how the UK’s history has shaped the country into what it is today.

At Fussell’s Travel Service, whether it’s London, York, Manchester or nature, we understand the unique benefits a school trip to both the city and the countryside can offer, so why not contact us to discuss your needs with us?

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