Benefits of Staying at a YHA on a School Trip

School trips are vital to a child’s education and can reap many benefits for their inclusion, teamwork, learning and even their health. When staying at a YHA, this is even more so.

YHA stand for travel, adventure and discovery to transform young lives, and they do so by creating opportunities to explore, learn, share and grow in inspirational places across the UK. By supplying these experiences in youth hostels, they allow young people to learn about themselves and others, growing into a happier, healthier and successful adult.

In the recent year, over 1.1 million young people stayed at their youth hostels, and 148,720 of them were on a school trip. So, what are the benefits of choosing to stay at a YHA while on a school trip?


Health Benefits

Through their research, YHA have discovered that 61% of guests feel that their wellbeing and enjoyment improved during their stay, and this figure increases for guests in countryside hostels, where 70% of people agreed with this statement. By allowing participants to be involved in sports activities and outdoor pursuits, this is just one of the reasons that their facilities improve fitness, self-esteem and help to establish a healthier lifestyle.

A guest who stayed at YHA Boggle Hole in December 2016 said, “Just having time away in a relaxed atmosphere means you can de-stress and go back home refreshed even if you were only away for a night!” 

Some key figures:

  • 70% felt that their wellbeing and enjoyment improved after a stay
  • 46% of young people exercised more during their stay than they would ever at home
  • 78% surveyed said they really enjoyed trying new activities and opportunities
  • 78% said making friends was the easiest and most enjoyable of activities, increasing a sense of wellbeing in young people.


Inclusion and Diversity

YHA are committed to many things, one being the promotion of fair and equal treatment of everyone who is a part of their facilities. They have six key values which underpin everything they do, with the aim to provide a welcoming and inclusive environment. There six values are:

  • Sustainability
  • Passion
  • Innovation
  • Responsibility
  • Inclusivity
  • Trust

With many children coming from all types of backgrounds, different ages, cultures, abilities, genders and beliefs, it is important to uphold these values; the same is true of  the many young people who come from low income families and who are excluded from important social, developmental and educational opportunities.

YHA bring a feeling of inclusion for all children, and through committing their employees to an array of training, guidance and support, as well as meeting the Equality Act 2012, they pride themselves on giving a truly memorable and excellent experience.

Jamal, aged 10, said: “Camp made me more independent, I made decisions about what to wear and how much to eat. I also tried new activities and, like a giraffe, I stretched my neck!”


Relaxation and Independence

One of the main benefits of staying in a hostel over a hotel is the cosy atmosphere. Arriving back from a countryside or outdoor activity to your cosy hostel provides the ultimate comfort, as it will be ready for you with a warm cup of hot chocolate, a drying room for your wet clothes and a comfortable sofa to relax on. There’s no reason to get dressed up for an evening dinner. Relaxing clothes are the perfect attire at a YHA.

Not only is its atmosphere a vibrant one, children begin to feel a sense of independence at YHA. They can feed themselves, solving any issues of dietary requirements. No need to sit down and order from any average restaurant menu; if you fancy a BBQ with the class or know some new recipe, why not get the kids involved, get messy in the kitchen and have fun while cooking?

Plenty to See and Do and Experience

At many of their locations, children will have more than enough to do , which is especially great for school groups, with YHA having plenty of classroom facilities and fun things to see and do. From archery to weaselling and team building exercises, there is every activity you can think of at your disposal.


Here at Fussells Travel, we are proud to have connections with YHA, proving packages and tailor-made school trips to city locations such as Manchester, Liverpool, London, York as well as stunning areas in the Lake District such as Coniston, Eskdale and Wasdale. If you would like to learn more information about our school trips or about staying in YHA, you can get in touch with our friendly team, who would be more than happy to organise an inclusive, exciting and adventure-packed trip for a school group.



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