How Can Children Personally Benefit From School Trips?

One million minutes. That is the amount of time an average child in the UK spends in formal education. Many of those minutes will be forgotten, passed through without awareness and without leaving an imprint of the memory that will … Continue reading

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4 Fantastic Ideas for a Literary School Trip

Literature is a fascinating subject, but many students tend to find it boring and, sometimes, frustrating. This is because, even when they may like reading in their free time, they find difficult to relate to classic authors such as Shakespeare … Continue reading

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What Makes a Great School Trip?

You have decided to take your pupils out this year – and this is a great idea, as research proves that school trips enhance children’s learning abilities! However, taking a group of 20 kids or more on a trip that … Continue reading

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What School Kids Can Learn from Trips to the City

School trips are not only something children are going to remember fondly in the years to come. These experiences are very nourishing academically speaking, too. And if you take them to the city, its vibrant environment will motivate them to … Continue reading

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Health and Safety Considerations of School Trips

Outdoor learning is a big part of a child’s education, as it can allow him or her to learn about the real world in a way that classrooms can’t. A large number of highly successful school trips take place each … Continue reading

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Welcome and 5 Reasons to Choose Fussell’s Travel Service

Hello! We want to give you a warm welcome to our brand-new blog and introduce ourselves briefly. We’re Fussell’s Travel Service (FTS), a UK-based school trip provider service. You might have never heard of us, but if you’re thinking of … Continue reading

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